Eros... 1971 Albuquerque finals

2840 Prado Lane, Davis, CA 95618
Tel. 530-400-3562 cell

P-zero .050

This is a converted Buggy engine I have modified for Free Flight and control-line 1/2A Proto speed.

The crank, case, piston, sleeve and rod are Buggy parts. I make the spinner, prop driver, venturi, needle valve & head. The clamp ring is a modified Buggy part. The crank is modified with an 8mm sleeve and bearing, destroked, and the rod bushing is replaced with a smaller diameter bushing.

The crank shaft is a bit fragile and care must be taken if using an electric starter. DO NOT crank a flooded engine with an electric starter! This is the same engine that holds the 1/2A Proto record.

  • $215.00
**Add $6.50 Priority USPS

*I can retrofit your crankshaft with the 8mm sleeve - $35.00. Send case and crank.

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Holland Hornet Head for Nelson Plug**

Uses Cox wrench. Comes with one 0.004 shim for hot weather.

  • Holland Hornet Head $13.00
  • Extra Shims $1.00 ea.
**Add $2.70 USPS

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Nelson Head for all Cox .049-.051, AME, Norvel .049**

  • Head $13.00
  • Nelson Heavy Duty Glow Plugs $5.00
**Add $2.70 USPS

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Needle Valve**

  1. Fits Rossi, Nelson and most 15-21 engines (4mm) $17.00 - in stock
    (Also fits Cyclon .049-.061 with modification.)
    Temporarily out of stock – call before ordering.

  2. 3mm body collet type for engines (like Holland Hornet) with 3mm hole for NVA $17.50
    Low stock – call before ordering.

  3. Fits Cox Medallion .04. Press-in Collet-type NVA $16.00
    Low stock – call before ordering.

**Add $2.70 USPS

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Nelson Plugs**

    HD, for all Nelson glow engines, any engine with Nelson head $5.00 ea.

    Carrier Plug, like the HD, only hotter. Good in converted OS-III's. $5.00 ea.

**Add $2.70 USPS

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Fuel tubing and tanks**

  • 1/8 x 1/16 fuel line (.049-.61) 20 feet. $8.00
  • 5/32 x 1/16 fuel line (.09-.60) 20 feet. $8.00
  • 1/8 x 3/16 for 1/2A tanks per foot. $.60
  • 5/32 x 1/4 for tanks (.049-15) per foot. $.60
  • 1/4 x 3/16 for tanks per foot. $.60
  • 5/16 x 1/4 for tanks (black) per foot. $.60
—Use 1/4 and 5/16 together for 15-60 tanks

**Add $2.70 USPS

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